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“You Light Up My Universe”…multicolor LED


An array of color transitions, blinking, fade and blitz- the battery life can last anywhere from 15 plus hours or more (continuous use) Insert tab to turn off lightS & extend battery life. Remove tab when wishing for lights to display and enjoy! Tab can be reused several times until the battery should ware out eventually. Once the battery wears out, this piece is still beautiful enough to wear for display and enjoyment.

“You Light Up My Universe” …LED pendant charm

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I am just getting back to activities (after taking a needed break) and scheduled for some more Funshine with my ‘wondertwin sista’ when she arrives from Tulsa next week! Sooooo excited!

I have had so much on my agenda as of late. Really focusing on getting things simplified and keeping them that way.

I have the most fun DREAMING THESE THINGS UP INTO EXISTENCE…when someone tells me their favorite shape, color, theme, mood, animal totem, etc. I get these visual glimpses of what can be made and then go and make it!

playing with light

I have some more visions to create, I am exploring new techniques and love the process.