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The poems keep coming to me and the ideas for things to create, I am in high creative mode. I have a challenge keeping up, never bored and really just love having so many things to work on, to create and bring forward.

It helps me sometimes, to recap and take a look from a layer above perspective, a brirds eye view if you will of what I am doing.

  • A DIY E-Course that I just designed and completed. That will get loaded up to Udemy, ultimately. Still deliberating on the format.
  • A new E-Book of Poetry (this is in raw form at this point) the poems are written and just need to be compiled, art work added and then merged together into the pdf. for whatever process I decide to go with. Either individual products, ie (posters, cards and plaques) or downloadable ebook, or both.
  • A filigree resin heart, it has a stained glass appeal, just very feminine, colorful and different.
  • I’ve been toying around with Zendoodle and Zentangle, making it digitally, as well as making Art with it , including wearables. The combo is fantastic (doing this on Procreate as well) Since they are digital I call them Digi-doodles : ) and the ones that I place on werables lets just call those ArtszDoodles; a spin on my Arts Z Crafts Z corp. company name which started out as nickname from one of my four brothers eons ago
  • Digital Assets for an App Store Game / cute digital jewelry pieces – almost complete
  • I am obsessed with painting on Procreate and cant stop : ) Speaking of which, I am now trying to organize my portfolio within Procreate as well as my library of brushes etc. (thousands I tell ya)
  • I just completed a new Licensing Agreement – ready for a new direction with my Art
  • I know I am missing like ten things here, LOL
Digital assets for an app store game – commission
Digital assets I am creating for an App store Game

When I am in late night writing mode BUT compelled to draw a picture depicting that very fact! on what? you ask, well ofcourse on Procreate!

Some Birthday Cards for some friends