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Sparkling Sunsets and glimmering sand

Ahhh…The joy of summer, It’s my favorite : ) Some wonderful new things on the horizon and such inspiration everywhere I look.

I love the area where I live here in Florida, the beaches are amazing in both Clearwater & Tampa.

Love bugs and dragon flies, butterflies & lady bugs, palm trees & shells, cranes, flamingos, egrets, and other magnificent creatures in abundance. Gorgeous pink & purple trees, flowering bushes of fuschia and mermaid decor. It’s fun, it’s whimsical, it’s tropical and sublime.

I love how carefree life, style and fashion are here in my new home state. It’s that casual elegance and comfortable class that appeals to me. I love all of the beautiful textiles, colors and hues. Nothing better than pairing up a beautiful sundress with a fabulous beaded belt or custom pin for your sun hat. There is always the perfect accent for accessory for every outfit. It’s the little things that make us smile, keep us grounded, uplift us, cause conversations to strike up, etc.

Whether received as a gift or purchased for yourself, wearing one of my designs will impart a feeling of being anchored, celebrated, encouraged, supported and understood. Embracing the feminine, the fun and the fancy!


Gorgeous Sunset

Some art I created after a wonderful day out and about

Some more inspired art

a Fierce Fushia Flamingo made it’s way into an Art Jewel

a special art jewel custom made for Prom princess in Royal Blue!

So pretty, such depth, such color

Art Jewels – Art that is worked into jewelry & jewelry that is a work of art

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