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    More Inspired Creations…

    ‘Nested Hearts’ …the perfect sparkly pendant complete with it’s own heart shaped nested display stand. A delightful way to display your art jewel when you are not wearing it. These two were specifically designed to compliment each other. The ‘Dances with Color’ Collection hearts, see be low, we have ‘Aqua Bouquet’ and ‘IceFlake’ This Collection is launching soon – PopUp Shop coming soon The Heavenly Halo ring…The most comfortable thumb ring I’ve ever created 🙂 and it’s so pretty! I had an idea and it turned out better than I imagined. The holographic inlay was a divine inspiration!

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  • 'Dances With Color' Pendants,  Art Jewelry,  Glimmer,  Sparkle,  Stay Connected

    In the Studio

    Introducing the Dances with Color Heart Collection of pendants, here is my first, it’s called ‘MardiGras’ It is #1 of 5 So colorful, # 1 of 30,….I just love the soft transition of colors across this piece…. “Aurora White” #2 of 10, Dances with Color collection ‘Elegant Confetti’ #2 of 10, from the Dances with Color collection

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