Set 6 - Miniature Perfume Bottles With Removable Stoppers

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Elevate your dollhouse collection with our exquisite set of 1/12 scale miniature perfume bottles. Each meticulously crafted bottle features a removable stopper, mirroring the luxurious essence of full-sized counterparts. The collection includes six distinct colors, presenting a vibrant spectrum that infuses any miniature setting with a dash of color and an element of sophistication.

These petite treasures boast remarkable detail, from the translucent "liquid" hues to the shimmering, gem-like quality of the stoppers. They exude elegance, reflecting light to create a dazzling display. The precision in craftsmanship caters to aficionados of miniature art, dollhouse collectors, and those captivated by tiny-scale authenticity.

Ideal as a statement piece for a dollhouse boudoir or a boutique display, these perfume bottles capture the imagination, promising to be a focal point that invites closer admiration. Add this luxurious set to your collection and enjoy a miniature world rich with grandeur and beauty.

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