DenimMined Beautiful Matte Blue Acrylic Beaded Phone Purse and matching Business Card Holder/Change Purse

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These beads are so beautiful, they just feel great and this set is wonderful for every day. Blue and denim lovers will appreciate this set!

An absolutely beautiful and secure way to tote your phone, while out and about, keeping it handy and safe (within reach) at all times. Perfect for a night on the town, quick errands or when out strolling. It's also great to keep your phone stored in while in your handbag, you can easily reach in and locate your phone without having rummage through your purse. It's beautiful and elegant.

I design similar cases in a variety of sizes to suite almost any size and style of phone. I find and source some of the most exquisite and unique beads and buttons for my custom Trademark designs.

(c) TM Housemark-Trademark 'SMZ' by Arts Z Crafts Z, Ltd.

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