Le Sac de Volonté - Multi-hue Pearlized Beaded Cell Phone Purse Clutch

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Brand: Arts Z Crafts Z Ltd

Entirely handmade. Using the finest pearlized acrylic beads and woven to perfection with high quality, strong Nylon cording. This super elegant case is so eye catching, it keeps your phone handy while also keeping it secure. Made using gorgeous pearlescent, triple hue, colored beads in Pink or Blue. Easy to locate by feel when kept within your usual handbag or display it on your wrist while at an event, out to dinner or just out and about. (You can easily tuck a credit card in behind your phone and possibly a few bills). Just a pretty and feminine way to stay connected while also keeping hands free.

Material: Acrylic beads

Color: Blue Multi or Pink Multi

Weighs 5 & 3/8oz

Color: Black
Print: None.
Fit: custom

(c) TM Housemark-Trademark 'SMZ' by Arts Z Crafts Z, Ltd.

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