Birthday Party- Spa & Jewelry
















Jessica’s ~Birthday Party July 30, 2011
“Just Jewelry”


THE PROJECT: How to Make a triple layer bracelet
 A quick demonstration and a diagram, before you know it…
each girl was able to successfully create and complete their own bracelet!


 The Birthday Girl Opens her Specially made Coordinating Set of Jewelry




OK Everyone…Show us what you made! 🙂



🙂 Joy and Jewelry go hand in hand!
The Three Word Game
(While the girls waited for Cake, they all participated in the Three Word Game ; where each girl gets to write down three words to construct a story and keep it going- (the next girl writes three words and then the next ) until everyone has had a turn. You can go as long as you want or keep it short and sweet! 
These girls really touched my heart!!!
Read their Three Word Game Story and you’ll see why!
It Reads: 
” I am going* to the park* looking at birds* thinking of jewelry *and having fun* I see God*
in the sky* Looking at me 🙂 * He loves me! * & I love Him”


 ~Andrea & Elizabeth’s ~Birthday Party July 2, 2011 ~
(Jewelry Tutorial, Rings & Peyote Stitch Bracelets)
(Mini Pedicures and Manicures)









OK…Now everyone show off your creations! 🙂




And a Great Time was had by all!