Handmade Miniature Candle For Fashion Dolls With Real Wax And Removable Lid

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Introducing the Bitsy Bling Art Miniature 1/12 Scale Real Miniature Yankee-Type Candle Jar with Removable Lid - a charming masterpiece that redefines realism in miniatures. Realism: What truly sets this miniature candle apart is its unmatched realism. It boasts a real wick that stands ready to be ignited, bringing a sense of authenticity that's second to none. This isn't just a miniature; it's a tiny piece of functional art.True Wax Brilliance: Crafted with the utmost precision, our miniature candle is made with real hand-poured wax. This attention to detail ensures that the candle not only looks the part but also captures the essence of a genuine Yankee-type candle. You'll be enchanted by the real tiny wick.Lid for Realism: To enhance the authenticity, we've included a removable lid. This tiny feature may seem small, but it adds a touch of real-life charm to the miniature. Now you can replicate the experience of unboxing a fresh candle, complete with its lid.Tiny and Delicate: Weighing in at less than 1/4 ounce and standing at approximately 3/4 inch high, this miniature is exquisitely delicate. Its small size allows for easy incorporation into your dollhouse, diorama, or miniature scenes.Wax Color Options: While we can't guarantee a specific wax color due to the availability of materials, you'll have the delightful surprise of one from this range of colors: white, cream, pumpkin, forest green, light pink, and light blue
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